Create a culture that thrives with corporate training seminars

In Health

Happiness at work:
7 Steps to a life of happiness and fulfillment

Manage stress in the workplace

Emotional intelligence: Tools to create self-empowerpoment, foster relationships, and achieve goals

7 Steps to vitality:  Get energized with these habits

Weight Management:  Learn top tips to lose weight and to feel great

Change your thoughts, change your life:  Why willpower is NOT enough

The science behind fulfillment with positive thinking, mindfulness, and gratitude

At Work

Purpose driven, Proactive, Present living

A guide to creating change: 7 steps for successful goal setting

Dealing with difficult interactions in the workplace

Building successful teams

Members on your team: Personality styles and interpersonal communication

Mindfulness in the corporate setting: How to stop worrying to become more effective

Change fatigue in the workplace:  Building resilience

In Love

Creating happy relationships at home and at work

Presence in relationship: Mindfulness tools for lasting love

Communication tools to increase connection

Calm in conflict: How to be stay calm in difficult interactions

Mindful you:  Reduce judgement and increase patience for successful relationships

In Rest

Back to sleep: Cognitive and behavioral tools for a good night's sleep

Calm:  Stress management skills to help your health

Hypnosis:  Use hypnosis to rest and to achieve goals

Biofeedback:  How you measure and prevent stress


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